SOD & Seed Lawn Installation

Our sod and seed installation will create a beautiful, lush lawn which we can help maintain throughout the year. Typically, when installing sod we will remove your existing lawn and correct any grading issues to insure proper drainage. We will then assess your current soil conditions to determine if we need to add fresh top soil or other nutrients. Sod is great for smaller square footages and provides the immediate lawn upon completion.

Seed installation is typically more cost effective for larger lawns however the % of coverage is approximately 25% lower and it can take 3-5 years to achieve what sod can in the time it takes to install. Maintenance is drastically different, constant water is a must but fertilizer and extra seeding for seeded lawns is much more challenging.

We pride ourselves on customer service and we will treat your property with respect it deserves. Westwood Landscape Design is ready to help you. Contact us today to discuss your project or request an estimate online.